Model WUR-1

Ultra High Purity Attachable indicator with LED

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  • Semiconductor and flat panel industry
  • Microelectronic Technology
  • Gas distribution systems (Gas sticks, gas panels, bulk-gas supply)

Special Features

  • Top View or Front View
  • Up to 2 Switch points freely programmable
  • Ingress protection IP65
  • 5 different units manually adjustable


An unique solution for a local display of the process pressure offers the attachable indicator model WUR-1. With this especially for the UHP-Market designed indicator a signal and freely adjustable switch points can be transmitted simultaneously.

Due to its universal programmability and simple mounting the attachable indicator can also be easily installed on pressure transmitters which are already in use. Its scale can be fully adjusted directly on site without master instrument.

Unit (psi, bar, kPa, MPa and kg/cm²), decimal point, display range, zero point and switch points can be adjusted via the control keys.

Power is directly supplied by the 4 ... 20 mA-loop, i.e. no extra power supply is required.

The seven millimetre high, red LED display is easy to read. In order to be able to adapt the indicator to the application, it is available in two different versions; Front View (connection to the transmitter at the bottom) or Top View (connection to the transmitter at the back).

Ultra High Purity Attachable indicator with LED
  • Ultra High Purity Attachable indicator with LED
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