Goods inwards and returns

High customer satisfaction is important to us!

By using our new, differentiated goods inwards and returns forms for

1. Complaint

2. Repair

3. (Re-) Calibrations

we will be able to process your orders quicker.

In case of returns please note

  • Fill in the form sheet completely.
  • Coloured fields are required fields.
  • Please note the serial number.
  • For contaminated instruments, it is imperative that the medium is stated (if required, with material safety data sheet). We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of unmarked packages.
  • Within a short time you will receive confirmation via e-mail of the receipt of your return shipment along with a returns number (DE1100...).
  • Please mark the packet on the outside with the shipping label we send you.
  • For shipments inside Germany, our shipping service provider will contact you and arrange a collection time.
  • For shipments outside Germany, you can only select own shipping.
  • In a second e-mail, you will receive the details of the contact person responsible for your return.

Would you like to send an instrument to us? Simply use one of our forms.