Model PGS11.040

Bourdon tube pressure gauge with switch contact

Stainless steel case, with VdS approval

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  • Pressure gauge for indicating and monitoring the pressure in tanks and for signalling leaks
  • Pressure gauge for use in gas extinguishing systems according to EN 12094-10 (VdS/CE)

Special Features

  • High switching reliability and long service life
  • Design per EN 837-1 and EN 12094-10
  • Pressure indication over 270 angular degrees
  • One preset contact


The model PGS11.040 with VdS approval switchGAUGE is a combination of a Bourdon tube pressure gauge and a pressure switch. It offers the usual analogue display, which can be read on-site irrespective of the power supply, and in addition the possibility to switch an electrical signal potential-free.

The switch point is factory-set to customer requirements (in line with the switch points approved by VdS) and indicated on the dial by a red mark pointer. Depending on the pressure gauge's pointer position, the circuit will be opened or closed. Thus the switchGAUGE can be actively used for signalling shortages in order to monitor the level of the extinguishant of the fire protection system.

For the model PGS11.040 switchGAUGE, approval from VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH in accordance with DIN EN 12094-10 has been achieved. Among experts within the fire protection industry, this approval is increasingly being recognised as an important safety feature and creates confidence among producers and operators of fire protection systems. With the offer of VdS approved pressure measuring instruments, WIKA is supporting its customers in the fire protection industry to fulfil the criteria required by authorities and insurance companies.

Bourdon tube pressure gauge with switch contact
  • Bourdon tube pressure gauge with switch contact
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