Model F2220

Miniature tension/compression load cell from 1.5 N

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  • Construction and apparatus
  • Production lines, manufacturing plant
  • Measurement and control facilities
  • Special equipment and machinery construction
  • Cable force measurements

Special features

  • Ease of assembly
  • Small geometries
  • Stainless steel version


This tension/compression load cell is widely used where it is necessary to measure directly in the force line. It is possible, for example, to measure the actual force in ropes and rods.

The force is applied to this tension/compression load cell via threaded bolts, which are located on each side of the cylindrical body. The force application has to be centrically, torsion and bending moments are to be avoided.

To prevent overload, it is advantageous to connect up the transducer electrically during installation and to monitor the measured value.

In mounting the force transducer torsion and bending moments have to be avoided. The force must be applied at the centre and without radial stress.

Measuring ranges
0 … 1.5 N up to 0 ... 5,000 N

Specific information
Option: high temperature version up to 250 °C

Miniature tension/compression load cell from 1.5 N
  • Miniature tension/compression load cell from 1.5 N
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