Pressure sensors - Archive

Model Description
Pressure transmitter with CANopen interface 1.0
Intrinsically safe pressure transmitter (ATEX, FM, CSA, INMETRO)
Safety-related data for intrinsically safe pressure transmitter with SIL 2 (Additional instructions)
Intrinsically safe pressure transmitter (ATEX, FM, CSA)
SH-1 Pressure transmitter for high pressure applications (quasistatic)
SD-10 Pressure transmitter according to DESINA
WU-10, WU-15, WU-16 Ultra high purity transducer with and without side access
IS-10, IS-11 Pressure transmitter, intrinsically safe (ATEX)
ECO-1 Pressure Transmitter Eco-Tronic GB/E/I
MCTH-1 OEM pressure sensor module with ceramic thick film technology
C-10 Pressure transmitter Compact
OC-1 OEM pressure transmitter with ceramic thick film technology
PS-20, PS-21 Pressure switch
P-10, P-11 Precision pressure transmitter with RS232 interface
F-10 Pressure Transmitter with Field Casing
AC-1 Pressure transmitter for refrigeration and HVAC applications
F-20, F-21 Pressure transmitter with field case
HP-1 Pressure transmitter
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